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Uster +92-300-2937.The new USTER® TESTER 6 redefines quality testing in spinning mills. It guides USTER® TESTER 6 is available as automatic and semi-automatic models.The instrument or M/C by which unevenness (U%) , co-efficient of variation of mass (CVm%), yarn hairiness, imperfection index (IPI) and thick, thin place, neps etc of yarn, roving sliver can be measured or calculated is called Uster Evenness Tester or Uster Tester.

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El Uster Tester 4 es una instalación de análisis para laboratorios textiles para determinar variaciones de masa en hilos, mechas y cintas. El equipo regularímetro.USTER® STATISTICS. Application Handbook Edition 2013 Textile Technology / V1.0 / January 2013 / 240 840-14020.The introduction of the USTER® CLASSIMAT 1 in 1968 revolutionized the checking and determining of yarn quality in production and commerce The later models CLASSIMAT 2 and CLASSIMAT 3 optimized and extended the application possibilities.The USTER® CLASSIMAT QUANTUM offers even more advanced classification possibilities.

Uster Technologies offers a deep know-how in textile technology.worldwide. Before 1965, USTER had already provided clearer solutions for manual winding. and the Total Testing Center™ of USTER® TESTER 6. This gives .USTER TESTER 3 EVENESS CONVERTER - Year 1995. 01 UT3-YC USTER Automatic creel for cops 01 UT3-EC42 USTER Sensor H Hairness tester. 01 UT3-EC5 USTER Sensor D. 01 UT3 USTER Sensor B. 01 UT3 USTER Absorber type B 01 UT3-SP USTER Signal processor.

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Uster tester 3 user manual: User’s review: Contact: serving the petrochemical industry uster tester 3 user manual in surplus sales and investment recovery.Yarn Testing. Laboratory results guarantee quality success. Proper quality control in the textile laboratory is the key to optimal spinning machine settings.Application Handbook 4.5.3. Strength and elongation of yarns with USTER® TENSORAPID and Yarn twist with USTER® ZWEIGLE TWIST TESTER.

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USTER TESTER 3 EVENESS CONVERTER - Year 1991 01 UT3-YC USTER Automatic creel for cops 01 UT3-EC5 USTER Sensor D 01 UT3 USTER Sensor B 01 UT3 USTER Absorber type B 01 UT3-SP USTER Signal processor 01 W1/1 USTER Printer 01 UT3 USTER Stabilizer 01 USTER Air filters and pressure control.Uster Technologies AG produces fiber testing and ginning instruments covering the first step in quality management.Service Provider of Uster Tester - Trolley for Textile Mills, Uster Tester 3 CRT To LCD Modification offered by Sri Sabari Marketing Services, Coimbatore, Tamil.

Uster Technologies, in its industry often called Uster, is a Swiss manufacturer of analytical The "Uster Tester", a laboratory system for the measurement of evenness, thick places, thin places, neps, hairiness, diameter, [® TESTER 4. However, it is also possible to perform the same tests with the USTER® TESTER 3 with 2 exceptions: • The minimum speed of the USTER® .Elements of the USTER® TESTER 6-S800 installation. 11. 9. 3. 10 3 Single package carrier (only for UT6-S800/SA). 4 Table set manual cutting device.