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Official website of the 1541 Ultimate project. What is a (1541) Ultimate-II cartridge? If you are unfamiliar, read the Installation instructions: Copy unzipped file .

May 6, 2017 Several months ago I received a 1541 Ultimate-II+ from Gideon's Logic sketchy website, a JiffyDOS ROM image for a 1541-II purchased from Retro Select 'Run Update' on the little popup menu and follow the instructions.

Can I use JiffyDOS kernel for the 1541 Ultimate' emulated drive? 27. How do I user guide can be downloaded.

  1. 1541 Ultimate (often abbreviated 1541U) is a peripheral, primarily an emulated floppy disk and fully compatible (including JiffyDOS support FPGA-cloned Commodore 1541 (including 1541, The Ultimate II is about 30% smaller than the 1541 Ultimate, comes in a plastic case, "1541 Ultimate II Guide 4 : Floppy Copy".

  2. In the United States, the 1541 floppy disk drive was widespread. By contrast, in Europe, the C64 was often used with cassette tape drives (Datasette), which were much cheaper, but also much slower than floppy drives.

  3. Dec 20, 2018 selection, 2) configuration of the 1541 Ultimate cartridge. The menu At this point, the virtual drive is not JiffyDOS compliant. 1.17 Ultimate Where are the manuals for the Ultimate II and Ultimate II + carts? – Where are the .

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Nov 2 - Cycle through default kernal and custom image.