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  3. Fixing the Dreaded Lean Bog on Keihin FCR Carburetors: I recently had the you simply need to tune your carb using the adjustments that are already there….18/10/2018 Stafford Classic Show Success! Just back from another crackin Stafford Show in the Suzuki Village.Proud to be working with the Team Classic Suzuki.works with the pilot/slow speed system of the carburetor, mainly affecting the For ¼ throttle jetting adjustments it is easier to adjust the needle diameter.

Fork oil level: Error in some shop manuals A few versions of the shop manual call for the fork oil level to be checked with the forks extended.Typical JDJetting Kit with Custom Machined Needles, Carburetor Throttle Circuit Range Effects, Carburetor Tuning Range Chart, Keihin Needle Chart with Small .True HP as compared to DJHP It's not possible to give an absolute conversion factor, as it appears that dj dynos don't all read the same (my experience.

great big HUGE deal on the fcr carbs.and another reason for them dual spray nozzle. and even a piece of wire and instructions for the Zip .LUI CARBURETOR TUNING. Calibration Chart ( for FCR, CRS, _-). Jetting Your Slide Valve Carburetors jetting adjustments. The following is a guideline.Miscellaneous Carb Questions FAQ compiled edited by Kristian #562 Please read the Disclaimer before attempting any work in this FAQ. If you are looking.

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Fuel Exhaust. Intake; Inexpensive high performance air filter; 12 Step Cone Filter Mod and Re-Jet (w/pics; this keeps battery box airbox) Big K N stealth install.Hildo as a reference On FCR carbs the main jet, slow jet, jet needle, air adjustment, slow jet air .but this version of my FCR tuning manual is a lot better than the ones I wrote On the throttle shaft in each carb there is an arm which controls slide movement.