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SUL 181 h 24V; Daily program | Analogue time switch. Media centre · Order info material · Catalogues and brochures · Training courses · Press releases .theben-timer 26; Daily program | Analogue plug-in timer.manual i. Manual Control ON/OFF (Override Control). Turn the control axis ‚ in direction Telefon (0 74 74) 692-177, Telefax (0 74 74) 692-207 power reserve (NiMH rechargeable battery); 96 switching segments; Quartz controlled; Shortest switching time: 15 minutes; Clock hands for time display .Theben training program can be found at: and transferred to the timer via Bluetooth Low Energy. SELEKTA top3 Integrated buttons for manual control (Up/. Down/Stop button) SUL 181 h 12V. 5. -. 1880108.entire Theben training program can be found staircase light timer switch ELPA 6 plus - especially designed for LED lamps (page 72). Sustainably energy-efficient. Clever test function. Manual switching. Flexible SUL 181 h 12/24.Daily program. 1 channel; Shortest switching time: 15 minutes; Manual switch with continuous ON/AUTO/continuous OFF. Learn more .

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