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Please find below instructions to update your terminal software (photos are provided for simple Page 2 – Spire Terminals The terminal is now ready.

Apr 16, 2015 This User Manual is for use with Spire T/M4200 payment terminal method: Wireless (GPRS)The M4230 and M4240 mobile terminals are .

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Thank you for choosing your new Spire Payments terminal. Please read through this User Manual which contains important information to help you install, use .

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terminal, Card Cutters can provide you with a manual backup solution to ensure that you can still accept card M4230 & M4240 Spire Terminals. To turn the .

3m Ethernet cables are available for connecting your T4220 or M4240. (with AP110 Access Point) terminal to an Ethernet connection. Accessories available.

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Here you'll find the most recent user guides for Spire, Ingenico, Verifone and Miura Models: T4220, M4240, M4230, SPc5, SPc50, SPw60, SPw70, SPg7 .