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2010 (english) technical manual part # GEN.0000000002607. SRAM LLC WARRANTY SRAM warrants its products to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of two years after original purchase. This warranty only applies to the original owner and is not transferable. Claims under this warranty must be made through the retailer where the bicycle or the SRAM component was purchased.Polski / Dansk / Ĉesky / Ελληνικά / Română, 2016. Service/Technical Manual. Technical Manual - Tora - 2011 (1.81.RockShox Tora 318 U-Turn forks £169.99 Fisher Outdoor Leisure It wasn't all that long ago that all the suspension forks on the market cost £350. When "budg.RockShox Tora 318 2007 Forks user reviews : 4 out of 5 - 18 reviews. Read it's strength Terrible instruction manual.used rock shox lower legs for tora, recon, reba shocks. two tora, recon, reba's i have other rock shox lower legs and a argyle lower.La Tora 318 existe aussi en version ressort et équipée du motion control (blocage en haut du fourreau droit). La précontrainte et le rebond sont réglables. La précontrainte et le rebond sont réglables.

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RockShox Tora 318 2007 Forks But the manual for the Tora 318 confused the hell out of me, until I read about the fork on the forums on this site (thanks MTBR forum users). Message to Rock Shox: Forks need to be set up properly or they can get damaged or used in an ineffective way, so thanks for all the adjustability BUT: 1.Please write a manual for each of your products, don't write.English Recon Tora User Manual 6 95-431 -834-000 Rev D Recon Tora User Manual English ©SRAM Corporation • 007 7 Forks with PopLoc Adjust: Turn the blue compression adjustment dial counterclockwise until it stops.The RockShox Technical Manual separates front suspension into five main service categories: 1. Lower leg foam rinG & wiper seaL instaLLation (reba - reCon - reveLation - tora 318) foam ring .The SRAM installation manuals can be (ARGYLE 318, 409- DOMAIN 318 - LYRIK IS - TORA 318 - TOTEM.At SRAM we are passionate about cycling. We ride our bikes to work and around town. We ride our bikes in the peloton, on the trails and down the mountains. It's this passion and participation that leads to many of the innovations seen in our products. We hope you enjoy.ROCKSHOX Kit Joints Internes TORA #11.4310.706.000 à prix canon sur Probikeshop. Trouvez votre ROCKSHOX Kit Joints Internes TORA #11.4310.706.000 dans la catégorie Joints.

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recon race, 351 / tora 318 It is extremely important that your RockShox fork is installed correctly by a qualified bicycle .The SRAM installation manuals can be found online at (DOMAIN 302, 318 - TORA 289, 302). SOLO AIR The following chart is a complete list of the 2011 RockShox Tora line-up. It details the .Visitez eBay pour une grande sélection de Fourche VTT Rock Shox TORA 318 Solo Air. Achetez en toute sécurité et au meilleur prix sur eBay, la livraison est rapide.Bonjour a tous et toutes, alors voilas. Je viens de changer ma fourche pour une Tora 318 Solo Air, pour le reglage du ressort pneumatique je me reporte a la doc mais je trouve le truc un peu raide.tora 318 motion control 145 5 15coil u-turn - 20 tora 318 motion control 130 5 15 solo air 6 DÉSIGNATION DE lA TECHNOlOGIE DES FOURCHES ET DES VOlUMES D'HUIlE (SUITE).The following chart is a complete list of the 2011 RockShox Tora line-up. It details the model, corresponding damper and spring It details the model, corresponding damper and spring technology, along with the oil volume and RockShox oil weight required for each upper tube and lower.